Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring workshops

It might not be logical, but I always think of crochet as a spring activity. Possibly because one of the first things I crocheted many years ago was a sleeveless waistcoat - very flower power. I think the girl on the pattern was wearing it over a bikini, which I never did. It wouldn't have gone down well in the sales office of the carpet factory.

I digress...

So, these are our springtime workshops:

23rd March - Beginners' Crochet

13th April - Next Steps Crochet

1st June - Crocheting with Wire.

They're all on Sunday afternoons from 12-4.00pm, and they all cost £25.00, which we ask you to pay in advance please, at time of booking. (I need you to book in advance because in the unlikely event we don't get anyone definitely coming, we'd have to cancel.) You just need to bring a 4mm crochet hook for the first two; everything's provided for the Crocheting with Wire workshop.

Please get in touch if you'd like more detail or if you would like to come along:

Friday, 14 February 2014

British Wool Weekend

At Three Bags Full we're big fans of British Wool Weekend which is a lovely show, celebrating British wool and supporting British farmers and fibre folk. It always takes place the first weekend of September, so this year that's the 6th and 7th. And guess what? This year we'll be having a stand on the Sunday, so I'm busy planning lots of British yarn kits and stuff so we'll have lots to offer. Am very excited as this is a big step up from a craft fair at the Piece Hall!

If you'd like more info on the show, there's a website: www.britishwool.net. Or you can join the ravelry group called British Wool Weekend 2014, where I'm posting snippets of show info now and then. Remember, tickets booked in advance cost less and, if you book before the end of June, your details will automatically be entered into a whole series of prize draws so you might end up with a lovely surprise as well.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Officially open!

Yesterday was the big day - buns were baked, balloons blown up, tablecloths were used, the mayor was invited... I hope you're getting a sense of the occasion? If not, here's a picture to help:
Serendipity (teddy bears and dolls' houses)
Red Patch (puzzles and games)
Maria's Stamps (postcards and...er, stamps)
Three Bags Full (wool, patterns, accessories and knittery gifts)
...all now even more ready to welcome customers old and new.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

WIPs revisited

Have just posted this picture:

on facebook as 'my current work in progress. In reality, of course, there are many WIPs - the vintage jumper, the dinosaur (where is that now?), the wristwarmers, the bobbly cushion, I could go on - but this is my favourite. It's a 4ply knit from one of the two new Bergere magazines.
The exciting thing for me is that we still have two even newer Bergere mags to come. But then, I'm sad like that.
Italics. How did that happen?