Sunday, 11 September 2016

Well, this is embarrassing... Firefox always tells me when it can't connect me to my chosen website.

A couple of weeks ago, the SixtyMillionTrebles facebook group was discussing flipping and skewing. As in, when you're crocheting a granny square blanket or similar, do you go round and round forever in the same direction or do you get to the end of a round and then flip your work over so that you're crocheting back the other way? I must say this latter option sounded bizarre to me, but seemingly it stops the centre of your blanket from getting skewed. Oh, I said, airily, I don't flip, but I don't get skewed centres either. I wasn't smug exactly, but I was quietly confident. And then today, I finished this - my third Sixty Trebles blanket - and look at what we have: a skewed centre! Only in a minor way, but definitely skewed. That'll learn me.

So, there you are, an easy way to avoid getting skewed.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Getting a bit backendish

Well, it will be soon, and we all know knitted goodies don't just magically appear at the first sign of autumn - they have to be worked at for a little while beforehand. So, if you have your mug of hot chocolate/glass of Pinot at the ready, maybe you'd like to try this very simple autumn cowl idea. Not heavy enough for the snows of winter, but perfect when you just need a little extra warmth...

Basically, you make a 16 inch square and sew up the cast on and cast off edges. I suppose you could choose any lacy stitch pattern but I like to make every row: p2, then (yrn, p2tog) to end. See, couldn't be easier, could it? It's light and flops down alluringly. That's what I tell myself anyway. I like a good flop.

I put a row of buttons on my first one, originally intended for fastening it - the lacy holes make great buttonholes. But then I

 realised I didn't need them and sewed up the edges. Can't decide whether to leave them as decoration or to remove them.

Any yarn, any needle size, but I'd avoid superchunky... (The yarn I used is a bit thick and thin - that's not really rubbish knitting you're looking at!)

Friday, 19 August 2016

Three blankets and 60,000,000 trebles

Three blankets in various yarns, and at various stages of completeness, for the Sixty Million Trebles project. If you don't already know, the 60,000,000 trebles represent the number of refugees in the world, so it's an awareness raising project, and also a world record attempt. All the 36" blankets put together will make the biggest blanket ever (they hope!) ands will then be taken apart to make smaller blankets for charities/refugees

Here's the facebook group if you'd like to investigate further:

Monday, 15 August 2016

Grab a bargain...

Okay, I admit it: I love sock yarn. When we opened the shop I barely knew what a sock yarn mix was and had less intention of ever knitting socks - why ever would you knit your own socks ?? - than of climbing Everest or taking the advanced driving test.
But over time all that changed. From the beautifully dyed Araucania Ranco to the very soft, self-striping Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, I've tried virtually all the sock yarns we've ever stocked. And the newish Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxuy Sock is a bit special among them. And extra great, because it's not over-expensive either. RRP is £9.95, but on the website for just one week (till Mon 22nd) we're offering it at £8.00. So far we've only had four colours delivered,
with more on the way. But they're four winners. Take a look if you'd like to.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Fair isle

I don't do much fair isle these days, but I do still love a colourful, but tastefully understated, jumper in muted shades, maybe with just a touch of patterning rather than completely covered in it. A yoke or a little around the cuffs maybe - enough to say: Doesn't this look fab? or possibly: See, I could do more of this if I wanted, I just don't choose to.

This is an all over pattern of course - I must have had more time in those days - and, I'm guessing, from circa 1974. I used to wear it with Levi 501s and think I looked the bees knees.

I found it by chance in the Fancy Dress Party Possibilities box under the bed.

PS If this is stranded colourwork rather than fair isle, please don't let me know. I'm okay with getting them mixed up.

Friday, 1 July 2016

An eight hour jumper?

I'm having a bet with myself that I can knit this jumper in eight hours. What do you think? It's short; it's simple; it's superchunky on 10mm it doable? Well, whatever - it's a lovely Debbie Bliss Paloma pattern  from the Winter Brights booklet. If you need a new jumper for your trip to the Arctic next weekend this might be just the one to make.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

All change!

Well, that's been a busy few days. Our Old Bank shop is now officially closed and the rooms are empty. Strange how spacious rooms look without furniture. Our house, meanwhile, looks swamped by the influx of desks, tables, shelves and what feels like several tons of yarn. We're currently filling online orders while not being entirely sure where anything is - even the pens and sellotape seem to be hiding away and my trusty shoulder bag disappeared for about a week, which was a bit of a worry...

Anyway, enough rambling! Saturday the 4th June - that's this weekend - will be the first time we'll be selling our wool from the foyer table in The Old Bank. We'll have limited ability to transport stock so please let us know if there's something in particular you'd like to see. We will definitely be bringing along the Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky which will be the day's special offer at £1.95 for a 100g ball (25% wool) and we'll also have with us our new line the Wendy Merino, a soft and lovely 100% merino 4 ply, which will be £3.75 for a 50g ball (rrp £4.10).

Would be great to see you!