Friday, 15 July 2016

Fair isle

I don't do much fair isle these days, but I do still love a colourful, but tastefully understated, jumper in muted shades, maybe with just a touch of patterning rather than completely covered in it. A yoke or a little around the cuffs maybe - enough to say: Doesn't this look fab? or possibly: See, I could do more of this if I wanted, I just don't choose to.

This is an all over pattern of course - I must have had more time in those days - and, I'm guessing, from circa 1974. I used to wear it with Levi 501s and think I looked the bees knees.

I found it by chance in the Fancy Dress Party Possibilities box under the bed.

PS If this is stranded colourwork rather than fair isle, please don't let me know. I'm okay with getting them mixed up.

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