Sunday, 21 August 2011

What do you look for... an online shop?

Okay, it's probably a rhetorical question if blogger's blocking comments again, but anyway, I ask because I'm watching with interest and frustration the rise and rise of one particular online yarn retailer whose customer service is said to be excellent and whose stock is huge, but whose prices are...well, quite high really. Well over rrp, in some cases. And yet customers are lining up to testify how great they are.

How do they do that? It seems to be the result of simply very aggressive marketing. For eample, adverts paid for on websites which find the lowest priced products give an impression of good value/low prices even though the company might actually be the most expensive. Very clever.

Well, I'm inclined to hope that if you offer a good product at a reasonable price coupled with your own excellent customer support, eventually people will notice and come to appreciate your service and quality. Or maybe they won't! Time will tell. But yesterday we received our first, lovely, unsolicited note thanking us for 'first class service'. It's a start.

Happy yarn buying, y'all!

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  1. Anonymous9/14/2011

    I would totally agree I will always favour a shop that offers a friendly and helpful service at a reasonable price and think it is important to support local businesses. I hope others do too - online shopping is good but nothing beats a good browse and having a nice conversation whilst buying lovely things.