Sunday, 4 September 2011

British Wool Weekend

Well, we've spent a couple of lovely hours this afternoon mooching round the first British Wool Weekend in Harrogate - lovely and relaxed atmosphere with gorgeous yarn, buttons and other fibrery stuff on sale for very reasonable prices. But honestly, someone needs to slap me round the head now and then and remind me I have a wool shop, because can I resist buying yet more wool for myself? No, of course I can't! I'm now the proud new owner of some lovely buttons, 200g of pretty silk bouclé and 400g of unspun beauty, which is going to necessitate me indulging myself further with a drop spindle. It's either that or begging someone else to spin it for me, but I fancy going down the drop spindle route first. I like a challenge.

Congratulations to June, who organised the whole thing. Looking forward to next year's already.

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  1. Tut-tut. You have a wool shop. Remember? You have a wool shop. :)