Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Big Moving Downstairs Sale

[FOR DETAILS OF THE SHORT STORY COMPETITION - NEW CLOSING DATE IS 5TH JUNE - PLEASE SEE HERE.] There should be pictures and SALE!!! in big letters but being a low-key kind of girl I'll simply tell you we've reduced quite a few of the yarns in the shop with a view to making the move more manageable. Just a few examples... Debbie Bliss Paloma at £4.50 per hank; all the Rialtos we stock now £4.20; Artesano 100% alpaca DK and 4 ply now £4.10. There are lots more too. Prices last till 4pm on 30th May. (I'm really sorry that these particular reductions are in the shop only - most of them are lines that aren't as yet on the website.) We'll be closed 31st May and probably the 1st June as well. For the first few days after we re-open - between 2nd and 5th June, the duration of the Piece Hall Craft Fair - all visitors will have the chance of free entry into a draw for a copy of Debbie Bliss's lovely Knits to Give book.

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