Friday, 21 September 2012

Very quick price info...

A brief Goliath and David price comparison...

Online Knitting Retailer of the Year 2012 = OKRY
Three Bags Full = TBF

Adriafil Knitcol:
OKRY £4.09     TBF £3.75

Debbie Bliss Andes:
OKRY £7.95     TBF £5.95

Debbie Bliss Paloma:
OKRY £6.95     TBF £4.50 till end of Sept (normal price £5.95)

Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply, DK, Aran:
OKRY £5.50     TBF £4.50

Patons Cotton Twist:
OKRY £2.39     TBF £2.15

Patons Shadow Tweed:
OKRY £6.89    TBF £5.50

Patons Diploma Gold:
OKRY £3.29    TBF £2.95

Patons 100% cotton:
OKRY £5.19   TBF £4.50

These are just examples. Of all the prices I compared only two were cheaper with the UK's leading online retailer. Our carriage charges are the same. Just thought it was information worth passing on.

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