Thursday, 23 May 2013

How tickled I am!

Very tickled indeed to find that this little blog is mentioned in June's Knitting magazine! How lovely is that? And just when I'd been thinking I really should be making more effort to keep up with the blog and try (against all the odds) to make it a bit entertaining...

I've added a couple of other blogs to the list of favourites in the sidebar: Robin Hunter's - lots of great interviews and information - and String Theory Crochet (shows as STC), which is one for those of you who'd like to make money from your craft. This last one hasn't had a new post for a couple of months but is still interesting. Hope I'm not latching onto it just as the writer gives up the ghost!

What are your favourite blogs? I have loads more - there are so many knowledgeable and talented woolly people out there - but diminishing amounts of time to actually keep up with them. Sound familiar at all?

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