Monday, 22 July 2013

Wavy Gravy Hat

I know, I know, it's hardly woolly hat weather! But still, you see a ball of wool all on its own, looking gorgeous, and you find just the pattern... So, I couldn't resist this quick-knit little hat which is made from a free pattern by Iconoclastknit.
And this is it being modelled:
Yeah, she looks a bit pouty, but I'm sure it's nothing against the Wavy Gravy, altho' it's come out slightly (very) swimming hattish, so if I was making another, I'd add a rib edging and make it more slouchy. And after that I'd probably make a matching scarf. Because you just can't have enough woolly self-striping.
EDITED TO ADD: so, I wrote this and then I lay in bed - y'know those nights when you can't sleep? you've no new worries and it's not too hot and you try all the deep breathing you can, but you still can't sleep? - well, anyway, I lay in bed thinking that was so ungracious, to knit up a free pattern and then say nothing positive about it, just that the finished product looks like a swimming hat! Well, let me add: this is a pretty pattern. And I'm always grateful for free patterns, especially those offering great ideas for using up oddballs. And even more especially for those that include a note saying the designer doesn't mind if you sell your finished objects. But maybe my head's too big and my hair's too long for it to look good on me. I'm picturing it in a different yarn actually - something pale and slightly silky. And I'm seeing it atop a sleek blond bob. A little fringe peeping out at the front. And a cute kiss curl on each rouged cheek. There's a 1920s vibe about it. So, nice pattern. Try it.

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