Friday, 2 August 2013

Three things I don't like...

I used to fantasise that I'd get asked on Room 101 and have chance to tell Paul Merton all those little things that really irritate me, while people up and down the country would nod their heads and mutter: she's so right - I'd never realised just how annoying that is! But clearly if they'd ever asked me I'd have been bereft of ideas so I used to keep a running list of Things That Should Be Banned. So, for today:

People in supermarkets who don't put the separators in place on the conveyor belt after their goods.  I've noticed it's usually men, so maybe they're uneducated in supermarket etiquette, but simple courtesy suggests you should do this to help the person next in line. Embarrassingly when I finally can't wait any longer for them to do the decent thing, I put theirs in place and then forget my own. The shame.

Slippers. Especially slippers with jeans. So wrong.

So-called wool suppliers who bank my cheque and don't send me any wool. That really gets on my nerves. I'm coming to get you.

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