Saturday, 15 November 2014

Advice needed!

Okay, it's Saturday morning, it's cold - and everyone craves a new woolly jumper when it's cold, don't they? - and it's Christmas present buying time. But in four hours we've had just one customer and our takings won't even cover the morning's rent. So, I'm looking for pointers as to what's stopping people buying from us...

I know some of you will be thinking: What is she talking about - I'm forever in that shop?! And that's great - we do have a core of regular knitters and crocheters, and I'm definitely not trying to encourage anyone to buy more than they do currently or more than they can comfortably afford or use; what I need to do is re-build the customer base we used to have and which seems to have been very depleted since we left the Piece Hall. there a reason you used to buy from us, but don't anymore? Maybe one of the following?

You prefer to buy from a local bricks and mortar competitor?
You prefer to buy from an online competitor?
We don't sell the yarns you want anymore?
You've stopped knitting or crocheting?
You've moved away from wools onto less expensive acrylics and mixes?
Wool just isn't a priority when times are hard?
You've never managed to find our shop since we moved?
You're fed up of the parking problems in the town centre?
Or something else entirely?

If you don't want to answer on a public blog please email me on (I know! longest email address ever!)
Thanks. And very many thanks to those of you who shop with us, whether regularly, now and then, or once a year - it's very much appreciated.

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