Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Such a neglectful blogger

And suddenly it's nearly the end of January, and so much knitting completed but undocumented. Not that you have to document knitting. In fact, it'd probably be a sign of some personality disorder if you did. Like alphabetising your CD collection. Altho' there are days that doesn't seem such a bad idea.

I've wandered off the point, so here's a little cardigan, inspired by Arlene's garter stitch scarves, made from Wendy Roam. It's a messed-about-with pattern from an old magazine but you could use almost any simple 4ply pattern and still get a fabulous effect with this lovely wool. Takes just one ball, so costs £7.50, plus a button from your mum's button box. Most of us have one of those, right?

My next job is to wash this to see how it feels afterwards. Some people think the Roam not quite soft enough for delicate baby skin, so I'm going to do a little research...

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