Thursday, 25 November 2010

What is it about counting up to seven that I'm finding so difficult?

There were only three of us at knitting group this afternoon so I thought I'd be safe attempting part of the aran jumper I'm knitting a friend. I like aran, but what with conversations to keep up with and the dark grey wool camouflaging the pattern, I made a couple of daft mistakes and decided it'd be better kept for when I'm in the shop alone and would find concentrating easier.

So then I moved on to a simple little cardigan for another friend's granddaughter. I have higher standards for knitting I do for other people than for knitting I do for myself, so I wanted it right. But can I count completed rows in garter stitch? - nope! So I was counting as I went along. In retrospect, I should've written each row down as I completed it, but they were just knit rows - surely I could remember how many of those I'd done...

I pulled it back towards the end of knitting group as I couldn't be sure whether I'd done seven, six, five or, indeed, four rows. Then I started again, on my own, concentrating and counting ALOUD. I got up to...ooh, was it six or seven? can't remember, but Mike and Maddie came in to give me a lift home, started talking and once again, I was lost...

I'm going to find a Very Quiet Place, preferably with a lockable door, and I'm going to start again. I may just do one row a day. I may even use an abacus. Because I'm going to get it right if it kills me.

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