Wednesday, 10 November 2010

It's only November...

...and yet the icy temperatures of the Piece Hall are making my toes tingle even tho' I'm wearing three layers and I've had two heaters on at full this morning. Wonder what it'll be like in January?? Will have to knit lots of heavy duty fingerless gloves - might look a bit Bob Cratchetty but probably preferable to frostbite.(I know, do I never stop bleating about the cold??)

So, the luceting workshop - it's dawning on me that I really should've waited till after Christmas, but of course I wanted to do it NOW. Not that I'm usually all about instant gratification... Are you sure you don't want to come along? It'll be fun, honest!

BOOKS FOR LOAN! When TBF started up I bought a fair few knitting books and brought a selection down to the shop. These are for loan. The problem is that there's no sign up and I've never told anyone. This demonstrates perfectly the level of my marketing skills. Anyway, if you can't otherwise find a pattern you like and would like to borrow a book, just say.

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