Friday, 14 January 2011

The Piece Hall's not closing!!

Just a quickie to let you know that, contrary to what many people seem to think, The Piece Hall is not closing. What has closed is the open air Piece Hall market which, for the last...well, as long as I've been here anyway...has had maybe three stalls, tops. So far it's just the Saturday market that's closed but I think the Thursday one is due to follow shortly.

But the shops are still here, ready to welcome you and sell you their gorgeous goodies. And the Visitor Centre and Art Gallery with its helpful staff are here too. Plus (this is turning into another advert...) we're just round the corner from Square Chapel Arts Centre and just yards from Eureka! Children's Museum.

And as an aside, if anyone has an idea for a fledgling business - particularly one which doesn't need a dedicated water supply - or if you just need a small space where you can install a computer so you can work in relative peace and quiet, or if you want to try out the market for a small shop, like I did - you could do worse than getting in touch with the Piece Hall management team. Because the facilities are fairly basic and most of the units quite small, rents are more affordable than in, say, the town centre. Go on,give it a try!


  1. Anonymous1/21/2011

    which bit of the piece hall are you based please as I have tried to find you a couple of times but never have the time to walk around the whole circuit. Thanks!

  2. Hi Shoegirl,
    We're the first shop on the right, up the stairs at the Westgate entrance. Next to Collect@; opposite the Visitor Centre.
    Hope that helps,

  3. Anonymous2/15/2011

    It does, I will pop in next time I am in town!

    Many Thanks