Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bonsai knitting!

After finishing an aran jumper which took me much longer than it should've done, I decided on a complete change and treated myself to four gorgeous glove patterns by the talented Dagmar Mora, based in Edinburgh. And most gorgeous of all (IMO) are the Wraparound Gloves, which I've started to knit, using some 2.5mm Brittany needles and a couple of balls of Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4 ply.

They're coming along swimmingly but how different does 4 ply feel when you're used to aran? And how much like cocktail sticks do tiny 2.5mm dpns feel when you're used to chunky straights?

The first pair (otherwise known as my practice pair)is for me, then I thought I'd knit the basic gloves with two or three alternative wraparounds for Christmas presents.

What's on your needles at the moment?


  1. I have been making 'mittens' with no thumbs! Very difficult to find - or when you do very expensive!
    If you decide to branch out and do these - let me know!

  2. There were some around in the shops before Christmas but they were pretty expensive for what they were. On the other hand, if you make them yourself they can be as fine or as bulky, and as intricate or as plain as you like - another advantage to hand knitting. And hand knitted ones are warmer, I reckon. I can always find reasons why it's better to knit stuff yourself...