Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This n' that

Some organised people keep lists of intended knitting projects on ravelry. Being a low-tech kind of girl I do it with a pencil in the back of my diary. So far it fills three-quarters of a page.

I pulled back the bonsai - there were mistakes in there that I thought I could live with but really I couldn't. I'd really got into knitting with those tiny dpns too! So that's one project awaiting a re-start.

I only have a measly three items actually on the needles at present:
various samples of double (reversible) knitting in red and white
a two-colour waistcoat in Mirasol K'Acha - a sample garment for the shop
a scarf for a homeless person.

...speaking of which, this is the second scarf I've made from a 400g stashed ball of aran and I'm knitting and knitting but that ball's not getting any smaller! How does that happen?

Sale ends Saturday! Debbie Bliss Angel mohair/silk mix expected soon after.

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