Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hare or tortoise?

How do you like your knitting? - fast and furious? slowish and relaxed? I like to have a few projects on the go so I can choose to either concentrate or zip along, depending on what else I'm doing at the same time. Anyway, these are two of my recent projects...

Not sure if it's immediately obvious what they have in common:

Yes, I know they're both pink! Apart from that, I mean...

Okay, I'll tell you: they're both yarns that take a bit of getting used to. Rico's Loopy (above) is, if anything, even faster to knit with than its sister yarn, Can Can. And Debbie Bliss's soft mohairy Angel is much hairier than anything I'm used to knittng.

But once you've adjusted your ideas of what knitting wool is - well, they're both lovely. And part of their loveliness is another attribute they share - they're both very forgiving of mistakes. Don't tell anyone, but the Angel shrug I'm knitting as a shop sample has one or two little errors in it, and the Loopy - well, who's going to notice a purl stitch instead of a knit among that lot?

I'm liking them.


  1. I love mohair. Now if only I could knit anything other than very short scarves. :)

  2. Very short scarves are so much nicer to knit than very long scarves! And eventually they'll have their turn on the fashion merry-go-round...