Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Loyalty pays off...

Today at Three Bags Full our first customer became eligible for a 40% discount on their next purchase, according to the loyalty scheme we're running till the end of October. Yay! Felt like a milestone. A nice one.

The lace is progressing well, thanks. The knitting in progress or in the pipeline now reads as:

3 scarves - the lace one, one that's reversible and one in alpaca for a Christmas present

the 4 ply gloves - I so want these to be as beautiful as they are on the pattern picture that it's stopping me from getting on with them. I need to get a grip

the waistcoat - meant as a shop sample but it was taking lots of time and lots of wool so in the end I decided I'd just buy the wool myself and keep it for me. Mirasol K'Acha. Beautiful but not a great seller. I wonder why? - maybe I should move stuff round a bit

Debbie Bliss Angel short shrug - this one really is a shop sample. Very pretty.

Lovely, plain V-neck jumper - for a non-knitting friend

Debbie Bliss cardigan with teddies on for my cousin. Cute. She's grateful I'm knitting it; I'm grateful for the chance to try the pattern and Baby Cashmerino, which I've never used before.

Occasionally someone will come in the shop who only ever has one project on the go at once. I haven't quite got the hang of that.

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