Saturday, 21 May 2011

A benign kind of bombing

(photo credit: Mike Hodgson)

Is the use of the terms graffiti and bombing in relation to yarn aimed at making knitters sound edgy? Definitely sounds edgier than I generally am. But no matter the terminology, the effect is generally colourful and lovely. ('Lovely'- now there's a good knitters' word. I know, I know, stereotyping! I should just speak for myself...)

Anyway we're busy knitting graffiti and preparing our yarn bombs in Halifax at present. Woolshops and the Piece Hall will be transformed by all sorts of yarn creations as part of the Halifax Festival in July. Not limited to knitting - can you crochet? weave? plait? - and not limited to straight rectangles to fasten round old stone pillars. Knitted bunting's been mentioned for a start...

If you'd like to take part, contact Festival Organiser Lucy: Or if you'd simply like to see the finished effect, we'll be decorating on the 8th July and I think the graffiti's being left in place for a week or two, weather and other variables permitting.

PS No, I know that tree above's not yarn bombed. Not sure what it was covered in - looked like plasticy foamy stuff, but it was a nice surprise down an otherwise pretty standard shopping street. Nice touch, Hull.

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