Friday, 13 May 2011

This n' that

Seems to be a lot of illness and general medical problems among the Three Bags Full knitters and their loved ones at the moment, so here's hoping everyone affected gets well very soon. Take care, all of you!

A couple of exciting bits of news...well, exciting for me anyway, and Mike, who's taken about six hundred pictures recently without complaining once. Even when I made him late for the cricket... Anyway, we're hoping that by the end of May the new Three Bags Full website and online shop will be operational - yay! Still inputting at present, but as soon as everything's on we can go live. Have returned to my setting-up-shop state of extreme worry, stress and sleeplessness coupled with I-can't-wait. Will post the address a bit nearer the date.

The other thing we're looking forward to is the Rag Market at Bradshaw Church in Halifax on 22nd May. This'll be the first time we've done anything like this so it'll be very interesting and a learning experience, I'm sure - which generally means a great chance to make loads of mistakes, but hey, it should be fun. Come along!


  1. Anonymous5/13/2011

    Hi there - what's a rag market? sounds interesting!

  2. Hi Shoegirl,

    Well, I think it's a craft market that's more textiles-based than usual. Will probably be fairly small, but I always love a craft market. I know if we do sell anything I'll end up spending the cash on other people's stuff!

  3. How exciting. A website and online shop is definitely the way to go. Now, calm down. ;)

    I love craft markets too.

  4. Hi Shirley. Yes, a lot of basic data stuff to do first but should be good longterm.

  5. Anonymous5/24/2011

    thanks Kath I will come & check it out if I remember!

  6. Anonymous5/24/2011

    oh wait it's been and gone, sorry I have major baby brain - how did it go, did you find anything interesting?

  7. Hi Shoegirl,

    I bought a gorgeous vintage tablecloth from the sellers at the next table, and also - unbelievably - a bag of raspberry-coloured aran wool. Just can't resist a woolly bargain...

    If you like the idea of Rag Markets, there's another one in Hebden Bridge on the 5th June. We're not having a table there, but it promises to be a good afternoon.

    I remember that baby brain condition myself! (Not sure I ever recovered.)