Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Saturday 25th June

I can't believe we've been open a whole year! This Saturday marks our one-year anniversary - well, one year and 2 or 3 weeks as the original official opening was after we'd been open a little while. So, what's occurring? Well...

10% off everything all day.

Brilliant bran tub - I know everyone who had a go at this last year was very pleased with their prizes. Every prize is worth at least the entry charge of £1 and most are worth considerably more.

Charity quiz - support the Mayfield Trust (formerly known as Calderdale Mencap) by taking part in our charity quiz. Just 50p a go and you could end up winning a TBF gift voucher.

Free sheepy biscuits for those who arrive early enough.

Interested? We'll be open as usual 10am-4pm and would love to see you.

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