Saturday, 1 October 2011

Super Superchunky

The Artesano Superchunky is one of my favourites of the new chunky yarns we have in stock - the other one I really like is Debbie Bliss's Paloma. Anyway, Artesano have brought a good little pattern book out with several small project ideas that take three or four hanks. But I decided that maybe people would like something that they could make out of just one hank. And so here we have the One hour One Hank Neckwarmer. I can't deny it's heavily inspired by Danielle Landes's Hubby Approved Neckwarmer, but clearly the benefit is that it knits up much faster as it's in a much thicker yarn.

If you'd like to make one of your own:

Using 12mm needles, cast on 11 stitches.
Work 46 rows in single rib, while working the first stitch of each row as a
s1p and the last stitch of every row as a k1tbl.
After 46 rows, make a button hole by casting off the middle stitch on the 47th row, then on the 48th row, casting one on to cover the gap.
Work 6 more rows as before.
Cast off in rib.
Sew on button (I use big, vintage buttons.Buttons are fast becoming a passion.)

If you have a problem at all, email me and I'll send you the proper, written-out-in-detail pattern instructions.

You should find that this works for one hank with just a few yards of yarn to spare, so I can't guarantee you'd manage it with a different superchunky!

Even if you're making this for someone else's Christmas present, try it on once it's finished. You'll be amazed how soft and warm it is. I'm not a neckwarmer type of person generally, but I might make an exception in this case.

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