Monday, 16 January 2012

Poor old Canada

What's Canada done to upset 'the UK's leading online retailer of yarns' (description according to their rav group header)? While their US customers enjoy the benefit of free shipping from the UK, potential customers in Canada - who presumably could be living less than a mile away from their US neighbours? - have to pay for the privilege of receiving their parcels. Even customers in Ireland have to pay. Surely shome mishtake?

OK, this is by way of explaining that at we price postage and packing according to vaguely how much it'll cost us to send parcels rather than any other reasons. UK orders over £15 are sent out free and, other than that, areas are separated geographically following the Royal Mail system. We don't, y'know, pre-judge or consider how lucrative their markets might be or anything.

And I'm not even going to point out that the Three Bags Full price for eg Shadow Tweed is currently £5.50, while certain other retailers are charging a whopping £6.49. Oh go on then, I will.

Anyway, Canada, we love ya. Shop with us.

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