Thursday, 5 January 2012

Work in progress

Okay, it's not totally the Flowers in the Snow design it was meant to be because I decided if it was going to be used in the local children's hospice then it'd probably better be more heavy-duty than that, so I'm just crocheting it all together to give it a bit more strength. But the little medallions were all Flowers in the Snow inspired and if you ever have need to make an afghan simply to rest delicately on the back of your sofa then I'd recommend the pattern for sheer prettiness.

See all those ends hanging down? - there'd have only been half as many with a bit of forward-thinking on my part.

Thanks once more to ravelry's Blue-Linen-Rose and Nittynora for their many medallions - should be ready soon.

I edited to add this photo of the completed afghan, simply because it was going to take me forever to work out how to use both flckr and ravelry...anyway, here it is. The smaller baby cot size afghan that will supplement it will be ready soon too. Oh, and we got a nice letter of thanks from the hospice for the afghan donation.

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