Sunday, 5 February 2012

Yarns of a different kind

Okay, advance warning of an exciting new project...a short story competition! Not so entirely out of left field as you might imagine - I've always written and have had dozens of stories and articles published in magazines and newspapers from Woman's Weekly through The Yorkshire Post to Writers' Forum.

Anyway, watch out for more details in the near future - we'll be going live just as soon as I've remembered the password for the new email address I've set up to receive entries... Some things never change.

We hope you'll enjoy taking part, as well as helping raise some funds for The Knock On Effect which was my niece, Rosie's, fundraising project. Sadly Rosie died last September but the fundraising, for charities supporting those affected by cancer, goes on. See if you'd like to see where money raised so far has been donated.

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