Sunday, 4 March 2012

The problem: replacing Truly Wool Rich aran

Oh, the difficulty caused by Cygnet's decision to phase out Truly Wool Rich Aran! I've started investigating other options but (unsurpisingly) there's nothing available for the same prce at the same quality. Today I'm test-knitting an aran of a similarish mix which costs a bit more money. I'll be honest; it's like knitting with shredded cardboard. We won't be pursuing that one.

So, I think it's now between this one

and this one

They're both available in plain and variegated colours and they're both lovely.

In the meantime, just off the needles is a dishcloth. Yes, a dishcloth - I told Mike it was a present for him, seeing as he does 95% of the washing-up, but he hid his excitement well. And just onto the needles is a tea cosy. I know, what's happening to me?

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