Friday, 15 June 2012

Sorry, it's been ages since I posted - we're still righting ourselves after the topsy-turviness of the shop move: still sorting out where the Baby Cashmerino should go; wondering how long we'll need the dehumidifier in the new shop; re-ordering yarns that are selling quickly and thinking about what might be popular this winter. In case that sounds like a complaint - nope, we're loving it! Immediately after the move downstairs, we had four days of the Jubilee Craft Fair which was well attended for the most part. The Sunday was very wet. Even Mike, who's been known to sit at a cricket match long after the team have left the pitch and are probably waiting for the bus home...even he decided enough was enough at dinnertime on the Sunday. But Monday was a much better day and on the Tuesday there was lots of free entertainment on offer in the courtyard as well as the market. It was lovely to see the place full again and everyone smiling in their red, white and blue. And we sold some Jubilee wristbands! I'm saving the ones that are left for the next Jubilee in ten years' time... Then on Saturday 9th June we had the inaugural meeting of the Sat am group. Here we all are looking cheerful and knittery: And on Sunday 10th Three Bags Full hosted a meeting for World Wide Knit In Public Day, and very enjoyable it was too. We had several visitors from Todmorden (lovely to see you all!) as well as some more local knitters, The weather was very kind so we sat outside and knitted and chatted and munched our way through some sugary goodies and generally enjoyed ourselves. Just two things I'd like to add... 1. many thanks to those people who very kindly helped with the move. 2. The winner of the Debbie Bliss free prize draw was Judith Lunn Well done, Judith - I hope you love the book.

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