Monday, 25 June 2012

A touch of vintage

It's Armed Forces Day in the Piece Hall on Saturday 30th June so I thought I'd run myself up a little vintage number. First it was going to be an 'afternoon jumper with contrasting vest' but the pattern entailed knitting into the back of every stitch, which was pretty tiresome and time-consuming, so that's on a back burner and I've switched to the 'Ever fashionable Bolero' - dodgy capitals just as they are in my 1944 book.

So this is how far I've got:
It's Monday evening and I've completed two fronts and part of the back. And it's moss stitch, which I love but it's not the fastest of stitches. Hey, it'll be fine. Except, of course, that with the emphasis being on the style of the 1940s, I'm going to need a snood as well... Something tells me I might be turning up on Saturday in my Fat Face Dress and TK Maxx shoes as usual.

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