Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The garden centre and the humble stitch directory

Garden centres are so full of promise, aren't they? They fire your imagination in all sorts of ways - a new border there, a hanging basket to add a little height, a splash of new paint on the shed... The same goes for a visit to the DIY shop - you come home with loads of ideas for colour combinations and wonderful transformations in your living room. Mike gets the same kick from maps - where shall we go, how shall we get there...

For me, it's stitch directories. You look at a book chockful of different ways of combining knits, purls and yarn overs and you're filled with inspiration: hmmm, what would that stitch work for?...would that one look good with a variegated yarn?...will that come out stiff and solid or loose and drapey?...what if you tried it on really big needles or with ribbon yarn?

I only have these two but I love them, even tho' one's damp-stained and  they're both looking a bit scruffy these days. Yeah, bit of a knitting nerd really.

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