Monday, 23 July 2012


Are you a one-project-at-a-time kind of knitter or a can't-wait-to-start-something-new kind of knitter? I'm a serial starter. I do finish stuff as well but love starting things more. Yesterday wasn't an entirely successful day for us, (birthday outing gone SO wrong...) so I couldn't wait to get home and get on with one of these:

These two are scarves I'm knitting in the gorgeous Manos Silk Blend, both just a very simple chevron pattern from a stitch directory - I didn't even need to add a border. Love these.

I'm knitting Mike a pair of socks. It's taking a long time.

This is a wool/silk mix that I've been gazing at for ages. On Saturday I finally succumbed, brought it home, made it into a ball and started knitting another scarf. But it was too stiff and solid. I didn't fancy using a bigger needle so I think it's now destined for a bag or a belt or...something anyway. So, not stricty speaking a WIP at the moment, but was and will be again soon.

Well, I know what the yarn is - it's lovely Artesano alpaca - but what was I making with it? Fingerless gloves possibly? The pattern's disappeared from the basket, so I might have to pull it back and start again.
A Noro scarf using two balls of the same colourway of Kureyon. It was coming along nicely but then I thought it would make more sense to continue with it in autumn. Very simple: choose a number of stitches according to the width you want the scarf, cast on and away you go in stocking stitch. Just remember to swop balls every couple of rows, and don't start both balls at the same place in the colour cycle. 

And this one's my vintage jumper from a 1944 book Mike bought me. I was knitting this originally to wear for Armed Forces' Day but it became clear I wasn't going to finish it in time so it's on a back burner for the moment - I just add a few rows when I'm in the mood. I'd be sprinting through it much faster if I didn't have to knit into the back of every single stitch. SO slowing. Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4 ply; perfect for vintage knitting.

That's just the WIPs at home. At the shop there's more...

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