Monday, 22 October 2012

Patterns! For free!

It's half-term, it's drizzling, the fair's on...everything's just as it should be. (Was going to indulge in another exclamation mark there, but I don't want to give you a headache and, in real life, I'm not at all an exclamation mark sort of person, so I won't.) Anyway, in keeping with the mellow autumn mood, I'm being kind today and offering a little helpful info. Because, when the children have gone back to school you'll want to be knitting, right? Or crocheting? So, here's some free pattern sources:

First stop, obviously, is Most of you will know about the patterns on rav but, if you don't, well, there are lots - knitting and crochet - some to pay for, some free. Quality varies, but they cover the entire range of whatever in the world you could possibly want to knit and many, many things no well-balanced person would ever consider knitting. Except possibly as a joke.

Then there's - knitting and crochet patterns. These were mostly originally published in Prima and similar mags, so good quality, mainstream patterns.

The site has lots of 'projects' (aka patterns) - many for yarns we stock.

If you don't mind U.S. terminology, take a look at both and Knittingpatterncentral in particular is great for unusual requests. Dog coats, perhaps, or golf club covers. I suspect it was on there that I found the posing pouch pattern - what an interesting knit that was.

Knitty has beautiful clothes - proper clothes - ones you might want to make. Fewer knitted bikinis; more cabled ganseys. I'm generalising - there could be hundreds of bikini patterns on knitty, but I get the impression of a site featuring good stuff, that's all. Comes out every season too like a real magazine so always something new.

And just finally, sneak a peek at - great patterns for weird and wonderful yarns like the banana fibre and the ribbons. I love daft fibres that anyone with any sense would give a wide berth and it seems like the people at frabjous fibers do too.

So...have I whetted your appetite? Go on, have a google - lots more out there.

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