Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vintage patterns! For free!

I'm at it again with the exclamation marks.

Anyway, what I'd planned to do was follow up that recent post with one aimed at those who like a touch of nostalgia knitted into their woollies. And I was going to recommend freevintageknitting.com and freevintagecrochet.com, because they're such wonderful sites, each of them with thousands of patterns, in sensible categories, with pictures, the lot.

But as they're both down tonight for some reason, I'm hesitating...

So, I think for now I'll just point you in the direction of something completely different - a modern vintage site:
http://vintageknitwit.com, which belongs to Mary Beth Petrone, who designs the most gorgeous baby hats with a vintage favour.

Here we have the Lace Brim Medallion Daisy Hat and the Ladybug Roll Brim Hat - pictures from Mary Beth's site and used with her permission. Gorgeous, huh? Pity my baby girl's eighteen now!

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