Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sale time

I'm weaning myself off the exclamation marks. I know any sale announcement traditionally should have many exclamation marks, but I type them and then think: that's so not me. The ellipsis is way more me...

So, what's this sale of which I speak? Y'know the bargain basement baskets in the shop? The ones with many wonderful yarn packs at lovely low prices? Okay, for this week only, everything in them is reduced by a further 20%. I'm loosely tying this in with Wool Week, because if you can't give people a yarny treat in Wool Week, well, when can you? But also, it'd be nice to reduce the amount of stuff we have to move to the new place. But more of that anon...

Remember this week only - 20% off already reduced prices! (I knew one'd creep in somewhere...)

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