Friday, 18 October 2013

This week's star question

A lovely lady visited the shop while researching for a book she's writing about her dad. We chatted for a while and she gazed around the shop, then turned to me and asked: 'Are you Debbie Bliss?'
I don't think she's a knitter.

And while we're having a Debbie Bliss moment, look what I finished:
It's the stripey hoodie, Charlie, from the Rialto DK Print pattern book, knit up as a shop sample. Not something you'd want them to wear for school maybe - bit too nice for that - but it'd make a great Christmas present for a special boy or girl. Sizes up to 12 years. (If anyone tries the pattern and works out the point of the markers near the tops of the sleeves, please feel free to enlighten me.)

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