Sunday, 1 December 2013

Backwards and forwards

It's a weekend for looking back and looking forward. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the day Mike and I first went out, so on Friday evening we tripped off to Heckmondwike for a drink in the pub we walked to that first evening. The customers seem to have deserted it, maybe because the decor's still strangely seventies-oriented, but the barmaid offered Mike a taster of the beer he was considering and that always sets the tone for a good pub-related experience. And in the morning Mike presented me with a bag containing 40 presents!! Looking forward, can we see another 40 years together? - well, we'll be doing our best...

And also yesterday was the final lights switch-on at the Piece Hall, till after the refurb anyway. The 'final' anything always has an inbuilt tinge of wistfulness, but that was allayed to some extent by the added fireworks from the roof of the Orange Box. If anything it was even fabbier than ever. Huge crowd, some great entertainment and a feelgood atmosphere. Hope it's just as good in a couple of years time and that the whole place won't be yuppified out of recognition. Think positive!

Today, on the other hand, is the 18th birthday celebration of the middle daughter of a lovely friend who used to childmind for us, so that's very much a prelude to the future. Wishing Sophie a happy, sparkly future.

As to the shop's future...many, many people are asking about when and where we'll be moving. The brief answer is we're going into what was the TSB bank opposite the top of Crown Street but, as to when, 'around Christmas' is the most accurate we can be until we know whether the floor needs boarding, when the carpets can be fitted etc. I suspect Boxing Day might be spent painting... The best place for info is the shop facebook page which you can reach most easily via There's also a cheap and lovely Christmas gift idea on there at present, even for the slowest of knitters.

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