Saturday, 21 December 2013

The last post...

Well, not exactly, but the last one from our Piece Hall home, so we thought for a change we'd have a look back at an old Piece Hall Christmas booklet. Do you want to try and guess the year? And see how many you remember?

Okay, here's just a selection of the shops which were in residence...

Friendly Dragon
Epona AD
Cappuccino cafe
Red Patch
Blooming Ecke

And, it wasn't in the Piece Hall this particular year, but does anyone else remember a shop called CBGB's? I think they were somewhere near where the Greenwood Tree Gallery has been more recently. I know I bought a wooly cardigan from there which I'm still wearing so they could've been gone for anything between ten and thirty years...

Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and we'll see you from the 7th Jan in our new home at The Old Bank, Silver Street.

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