Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Settle down now!

Okay, you're all too young to remember Ken Goodwin. Anyway, it's more accurately a matter of nearly settled down now...

Lately I've been trying to intersperse time spent sorting out stuff (piles of wool in the back room - would I work faster if I didn't now have the luxury of a 'back room'?) with some time spent ordering new lines and new colours in old lines. One yarn I'm testing out at present is Crystal Palace Sausalito, a gorgeous and soft multi-tonal 4 ply - a classic sock yarn mix, but not just for socks. Take a look at for all the gorgeous free patterns they offer. This ball looks a bit stunned under the glare of the camera's flash:
If you love sock yarn generally, don't forget we have Bergere's wonderful Goomy 50 in stock - just £3.75 for 50g. Which reminds me, I must finish those wristwarmers I started as a sample knit...another job to add to the list...

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