Saturday, 21 June 2014

An interview with me!


And in the meantime, I've started several new WIPs. This blog is, I think, going to turn into a record of knittery stuff started, finished and languishing. Actually that sounds okay; it might enable me to keep things a little more under control. Trouble is, you spot some pretty wool, you see an ace pattern and, before you know it, you're searching for the right size needles (which are, because of your serial startitis, at present in use for something you haven't touch since 2009) and then away you go. It could probably be classified as a psychological condition.

Newest starter for me currently is a very pretty scarf in Crystal Palace Kid Merino, which I think has been discontinued and which people seem to overlook in their eagerness to get at the similar, but softer and more luxurious, Debbie Bliss Angel. Anyway, I was feeling sorry for it - such pretty colours and so neglected, so I picked up a couple of balls of pink and away I went.

And, any minute now, I'm going to start a baby boy tank top in my last hank of West Yorkshire Spinners's owl print Blue Faced Leicester. They decided to start producing this in balls a while ago instead of the hanks (which I preferred) and I have just one hank left so, rather than have it sitting there all pathetic, I'm going to knit it into something cute and practical.

Pictures next time!

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