Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three little...

Three little pigs...maids...dresses! I didn't get round to photographing my many WIPs, mainly as I can't be sure at the moment exactly where they all are. I'll start that this week - but, in the meantime, here are three little dresses I've made for craft fairs.

The green one's knitted in a cotton/acrylic mix from Cygnet, called Cottony DK. Nice yarn. I bought just one pack to try out and will buy more when our stock of cotton's diminished a bit. So many have been discontinued this summer, it'll be lovely to stock up on something new that should stick around for a while. It'll retail at just under £2.00 for 50g. (Let me know if you have an urgent need for some and I can add that to our next Cygnet order.)

The red one is in some Cygnet acrylic DK, which we don't normally stock. I special ordered it for a customer and the remainder is now in the bargain basement basket if anyone would like it. (300g for £4.75.) Acrylic's not usually my first choice, but this was good quality and knitted up well. And it's a gorgeous colour!

And the yellow one - well, that's another cotton/acrylic mix altho' I've lost track of what exactly it is. Not something we sell, so you really don't want to know...

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