Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New knitting

Well, there's so much knitting going on here lately, but not in that frenzied, must-get-this-finished-as-fast-as-possible, kind of way that I sometimes fall into. More in a 'hey, I quite like knitting, what shall I make?' kind of way. And I decided to open an Etsy shop because, while I can put knitted things in the shop and customers ooh and aah over them, mostly people are looking for wool rather than garments and, when they are looking for garments, it's never the ones I've made; it's always the same thing but in grey or blue or a bigger size or a smaller one, or without the sleeves...

So, anyway, I started knitting in a relaxed, maybe-I-can-sell-this-on-Etsy kind of way and this is what I have so far.