Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Artesano/grab yourself a bargain

A couple of weeks ago, and very late in the week at that, Artesano were enquiring if I'd like to stock their Alpaca Heather. It looked like exceedingly good yarn and I thought I might take a chance. Would you believe it, before I'd even had chance to study the colours available, word had spread that Artesano were no longer going to be supplying retailers; their operation in future would be online direct to consumers only. I suppose I should be glad the timing wasn't worse - if I'd already bought the new line I'd have been even more fed up.

I understand that things are hard for everyone and that maybe actual wool shops, as opposed to webshops, are starting to seem pretty anachronistic. I know I would've loved to have bought more of their lovely yarns, because I never saw an Artesano yarn that wasn't fabulous and well-priced, but I was never in a position to and, as they went more upmarket, I had to remain pragmatic about what would actually sell in my particular location. But, even allowing for hard times, the possible demise of the bricks and mortar shop and the fact that maybe others, like me, could never order as much as the company needed them to, I wonder what would motivate them to treat their retailers, old and new, so shabbily? Or am I reading the situation all wrong? With no advance warning of the change and no explanation or background info it's hard to know what to think.

And the point of all to introduce the fact that all Artesano Alpaca 4ply and DK on the Three Bags Full website ( is now priced at £3.95 - that's 20% off what we have been charging and nearer to 30% off the RRP. Reduced to clear!


  1. Saw a discussion about this on Rav earlier today - don't know what Artesano are playing at. Must be hard balancing what will sell in your bricks and mortar shop as opposed to everything you'd want to offer if you could.

  2. You're right about the balancing - when it comes to buying stock, I have so little control and I need so much...