Saturday, 25 April 2015

Basket case

We have many, many baskets in our house...baskets of all shapes and sizes for not only laundry and the usual stuff, but for underwear and toiletries, for miscellaneous materials and assorted items.  So I thought it would be a splendid idea to fill the old pine tv stand we have with a neat line of rectangular baskets, each holding a separate WIP. How organised and appealing would that be? Very, was my thought. And it looked lovely for about a week until the number of WIPs crept up and my neat rows of baskets became hidden under a pile of excess-WIP-storing carriers and odd balls of wool, needles without partners and the knitting mill which doesn't have a home of its own.

So I needed more storage and it couldn't be in basket format unless I was going to pile them two or three deep, which I could've done, but then the basket above would likely snag the knitting in the basket below. So I indulged in these. Well, I say 'indulged', but they cost £3.95 full price and I got them in a sale, so there wasn't much indulging going on. Children's lunch boxes, but so just the right size for a small project, plus
they're easy to carry about or shove in your bag, and they zip up, and when they're not in use they'll fold flat for storage. I have no idea when they might not be in use. I have two spare, which means that anytime now I'm going to start two new projects.

I got these online from dotcomgiftshop, but I'm sure other lunchbox vendors are available.

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