Monday, 27 April 2015

Ravelry designers

Do you ever search ravelry by designer name? I never used to until I realised that if I liked one pattern by a designer, chances were I'd like other patterns designed by that same person. That was how I stumbled across Atelier Alfa, who has designed many wonderful things including the 3-in-1 jumper, now on my list for the very near future.

Try it: search for jumpers or jackets or baby shoes or anything really, and instead of just scrolling through page after page, note who designed the items you particularly like and then search again just for items designed by that person. It opens up your search to the whole range of garments/items, but all with the same type of look that you like.

It's a different way of using ravelry and can be much more satisfying.

(Some other favourites of mine, in case you're interested, would be TinCanKnits, Isabell Kraemer, and Ankestrick, although I'm sure there are many more fab ones.)

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