Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back home!

So, we're home from Rotterdam and I never got to see the one and only wool shop in the city. I'd researched the address, worked out how to get there but instead, we entertained ourselves - well, Joe mostly - with many boat-related activities: boat museums, boat reconstructions, boat rides, working harbours. If I don't see another boat for several months, that'll be fine with me.

But now we're back and I think I'm going to celebrate by lopping 15% or so (just over, but don't ask me to work it out exactly...) off that lovely yarn, Amalfi. Usual selling price is £3.95, but I'm going to reduce it to £3.20 for nearly two weeks - until, and including, Saturday 14th August.

You don't know Amalfi? That's it at the top of the post. It's a Debbie Bliss yarn in ice cream colours. A mix of 70% cotton, 15% viscose, 10% linen and 5% silk. A summery sort of yarn - which is probably completely the wrong thing to say when the rain's been lashing down for the last hour or so.

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