Friday, 6 August 2010


Okay, so earlier this week I was in Halifax Marks & Spencer, and who's at the next checkout but the lovely Jane Cox who plays Lisa Dingle in Emmerdale. This is quite fruitful Emmerdale-actor-spotting territory. Not M & S particularly, you understand, but the area generally. And she looks lovely and friendly and like she really wouldn't mind if I asked: 'Do you knit?;' Do you shop in the Piece Hall?'; 'Does Eli talk like that in real life?' But of course, I don't! But how cool would that be, if she came into Three Bags Full? Anyway, this is my plan for the autumn: to persuade a major soap that we need a main character to develop a passion for knitting. Would raise knitting's profile no end... And if that character were young and glam then that would broaden the base of the usual knittery clientele...
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On a totally different kind of lovely person... On Monday a lady from Wales called in the shop and was telling me how popular cravat scarves are at the moment. I'd not heard of this, but she said she'd send me the pattern and left. I thought no more about it but three days later, the pattern arrived. Isn't that kind? So, I'm trying it to start with in some wool I've had for many years, but I think it's also helped with a design problem I had with a TBF child's scarf I was trying to write a pattern for. Sorted! To Grace in Wales, thanks very much, and God Bless to you too!

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