Thursday, 19 August 2010

On the go

Well, I'm preening myself just a little. After I've been wondering whether I'm actually a good enough knitter to teach anyone else, a visitor to the shop this afternoon spent a few minutes marvelling at the speed at which I knit 1x1 rib and told her friend it was a 'terrifically efficient' way of doing it. (I knit the northern way, one needle clamped under my arm, but I'm not convinced I'm particularly speedy.) Anyway, it gave me a warm glow for a while because I'd thought she was going to tell me I was doing something wrong. I spend my life thinking someone's going to tell me I'm doing something wrong.

Ongoing many projects do you have on the go at once? I have six I think: two at home and four at work. Above are the four work-based ones. At the front we have - I can hardly believe it myself - a dishcloth. Dishcloth-knitting seems big business in the US so I gave it a go just so I could say that I had.

The other items are:

a baby bolero which will be a sample garment in the shop

a girl's jumper from an authentic 50s/60s pattern in readiness for the vintage day taking place at The Piece Hall on Bank Holiday Monday

a pair of baby socks, just because I could really. I mean how cute are baby socks? And I need the four needle practice.

What about you? Do you limit yourself to one item at once? Surely not.

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