Sunday, 12 September 2010

The hard sell...

...doesn't come naturally to me. When people buy enough wool for a jumper I have to stop myself from saying 'Are you sure you want all that?'. It's not a good trait in a shop owner. So, I'm acting all out of character here and mentioning two or three non-yarny things in the shop which I particularly like, in the hope you might like them too.

First up:

These are Knock On Effect shoulder bags sold through the shop to raise money for - you guessed it - The Knock On Effect, which is a fund-raising project started by my teenage niece, Rosie. They're good value (just £6), environmentally friendly, they raise money for cancer relief charities and they look good. Be honest, what more could you ask for?

Then we have:

Yes, these are buttons. It'd be hard to show you on a blog the brilliant selection of buttons we have at the shop, but we have duck buttons, smiley face buttons, shell buttons, wood buttons, modern ones, classic ones, big ones, little ones, buttons like cars, flowers, DIY tools, dogs...well, we just have loads of buttons. And every one is gorgeously gorgeous. The main range costs £4.25 a card and the number of buttons on the card depends on their size. Others start from £1 for 5.

And finally:

How cute is he? Four inches tall and safe for children from 12 months, £2.45 each. You can't resist, can you?

I don't have a website yet but send me an email ( if you want anything, or just need some info.

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