Sunday, 3 October 2010

Charity Knitathon

I really need to learn how to add a few bells, whistles and tricks for this blog - otherwise I won't sufficiently grab your attention with news of...THE THREE BAGS FULL KNITATHON!!

All knitters and crocheters are warmly invited to join us at the shop knitting clothes for premature babies over the two day period: 15th to 16th October. If you can offer maybe half an hour or an hour while you're shopping in town that would be brilliant. Seems like baby clothes for prem babies are always in demand - presumably when baby goes home the clothes do too, so the hospitals need a never-ending supply. The clothes we make will be handed over or sent along to our local hospital, Calderdale Royal. (Altho' they don't know it yet!)

We have some baby wool (altho' if you have some spare baby acrylic, please bring it along) and we have patterns for both knitting and crochet, but if you could remember needles and hooks that would be great.

Alongside our Knitathon, on the 15th - which is towards the end of Knitting Week, Wool Week and Mental Health Week - Refresh Café in the Piece Hall is also hosting a big one-off knitting group to publicise the mental and physical health benefits of knitting and other crafts. So you could spend a little time with us and a little time with them. One stone; two birds. Besides I've tasted the Refresh chocolate cake and it's pretty good.

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