Sunday, 31 October 2010

Learn to lucet...

Well, there's a hot Halloween meal bubbling away on the cooker and just enough time for a quick update on a few things. Excuse the messy miscellany, but here goes:

The Lucet Workshop is organised for November 15th at the library in Halifax. I'm so looking forward to this and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too if you're a crafty sort, which I'm sure you are. Just give me a ring on 07941133155 or leave a comment on here if you'd like a place saving. Just £22.50 for the whole day.

We're handing over the prem baby clothes to the hospital tomorrow - we reached the grand total of 70 hats plus 4 blankets and lots more cardiagns, mittens and bootees. So proud of everyone for doing all this work - those things are so cute and they'll be really appreciated by the parents and hospital staff. Thanks!

Not sure if you'll all have seen the recent, local appeal for 'bad taste' Christmas jumpers for soldiers? Four weeks might be a bit of a push for some people to make a mansize, patterned jumper but the women requesting the jumpers have said they'll also be grateful for hats, scarves, etc with a Christmas theme. Details are posted on Lucy Lamb at present but if you're not calling in the shop for a while just email me and I'll give you the lowdown.

Okay, finally, it's Halloween! Anyone else left cold by it? No? Just me then? I'm such a Halloween party pooper! But I must say the other Piece Hall traders looked fantastic dressed up yesterday. So much so that I wasn't always sure who was really who...

Have a good week. And don't forget the Lucet Workshop would be a great you-time day before the madness of Christmas begins for real.

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